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Thursday, September 27, 2012 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

guest article by Dave Webb

Quantum Physics is an attempt by our scientists to explain how the universe works. Nothing really makes sense on the atomic level. This is a problem. We are dealing with atomic energy. If it does not make sense, then we really do not understand what we are dealing with. Not really understanding is very dangerous.

We have people dealing with objects that are hotter than the Sun. It is “contained” with magnetic fields.

We have people dealing with objects so dense, they qualify as almost a black hole on a microscopic scale. It is contained with fields.

We have people trying to reproduce antimatter. This is done in a building 26 miles long. I don't even know what precautions these mad scientists are really taking. It might go wrong in a hurry.

I have my own basic understanding of quantum physics. I confess I do not really understand all the implications. According to our scientists there are dimensions we do not even perceive at that level. Math indicates that there are at least 11 separate dimensions on the atomic level.

And that is a problem. The math is wrong. We use an easy to understand decimal system based on 10. This system is wrong because it describes things on a small level with infinite numbers, PI is 22/7 not 3.14 + a lot of numbers. PI describes one of the basic dimensional concepts of the Universe. Space is not a circle of 3.14 +. That becomes too inexact when describing infinitely small objects.

I propose we need to go back to the Sumarian System of numbers to describe the universe. This system is based on 60 not 10. 2/3rds of 60 is 40. 5 12s are in 60. 10 6s are in 60. More important it does not have the annoying infinite decimals on a system based on 10. I am confused a little by this system.

My own experience indicates that the universe consists of an infinite number of dimensions. But it might be a system based on repeating dimensions up and down the vibration scale. In other words, everything in our perceivable Universe is based on a series of interacting dimensions. Everyone of which is vibrating at the same speed. Change that speed and time changes with it. Time either slows down or even reverses or it speeds up. Either way an entire different universe is perceived. I call this combination of dimensions a “plain”. Our visible Universe is such a plain and based on the vibrations we have all of the physical laws that make up our Universe.

There is an entrophy effect to this speed. Things are getting slower on a very relatively small scale. But that is a different aspect of the theory. The entire system is warping but at a level we cannot perceive.

In my perception, the Universe is like a piano keyboard. Everything is based on vibratory rates. In this system a scale is a universe as we perceive it. This would mean you would have 7 different notes in a scale. The 8th note is the start of a different universe combination. It is all part of a whole. But studying this system would mean you have 5 hidden notes. Each note is a separate dimension on the atomic scale. So in this system, the math indicates 13 different dimensions and one duplicate at a higher level. Each dimensional note is one-half note separate from the other. Perception-wise we can probably observe 8 of the 14 possible notes. One note is simply a higher form of the other on the scale.

I am not talking about music. I am talking about a possible math to explain what we see at the Quantum level. In the half note system, everything makes sense. In the duplicate note system one octive higher, each combination of dimensions would consist of a different view of the Universe. This would explain parallel universes. Each Universe would have a vibratory equivalent of 14 dimensions. Two of which would then be duplicates an octive apart. Only a fraction of these dimensions would be perceived at our size level. Meaning that combinations of dimensions make up our time and space.

This would also explain how starting the scale up or down would include more or less hidden dimensions of the minor dimensions. By this logic, it is possible to have 5 hidden dimensions consisting of different vibratory rates visible under different circumstances. Each slightly out of phase with the other. This is all a matter of perception.

Otherwise the entire thing would be really confusing. The basis of this system is two fold. On one level you are dealing with 7 dimensions that are different. On the other level we are dealing with 13 different dimensions that are different. And it all depends on how small you get.

Everything in all the Universes are part of a whole. They interact with one another. The one thing this theory does not explain is the duplicate action between atoms many miles apart. My own thinking is that on some level, the dimensions do not have the same aspect of distance in space and time. So a universe several octives above our own might be traveling much faster in time than our own. The distance between material objects might be different. So something in this Universe that is say 100 light years from here, could be simply a mile down the road in that universe. That means if we could co-exist into that Universe, we could travel enormous distances in little time and return to our Universe in a different time and place. One minute could be an hour in that Universe or vice versa. I don't really know how that would work. In the old Science Fiction it was called Hyperspace.

Changing the vibratory rate with magnetics could be very dangerous. You could have objects phasing in and out of our Universe uncontrolled. That might be a disaster waiting to happen. Basically the law of action/reaction might be universal. The law of kinetic energy might also be universal. Things in motion tend to stay in motion, things at rest tend to stay at rest.

My word of warning: It is dangerous to explore things we do not understand. Go slow, go cautious, and remember there are consequences we might not really understand.

There is a lot of wisdom in the saying: “Fools run in, where angels fear to tread.”

(authored by Dave Webb)


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