5000 More Russian Nuclear Bomb Shelters Are Being Built In Moscow

Thursday, November 11, 2010 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Is Russia preparing for a nuclear war that they believe is coming in the future?  Or does Russia think that some other cataclysm is going to strike the earth in a few years?  Whatever it is, they sure are preparing for something.  RT is reporting that 5,000 more nuclear bomb shelters will be built in the city of Moscow alone by the end of 2012.  Other Russian cities are making similar preparations.  Russian authorities claim that these new bomb shelters are urgently needed because the current ones can only hold approximately half the population and are quite outdated. Also, officials say that there are very few shelters for those living outside the city center of Moscow, and they want to rectify that.  Apparently the goal is for nearly the entire population of Moscow to be able to reach a bomb shelter within a matter of minutes.  But why is all of this necessary all of a sudden?  What kind of a future are they preparing for?

The following is an RT video news report about these new bomb shelters....

Meanwhile, the U.S. government does nothing similar for American citizens.  In America, there is an overwhelming belief that the fear of nuclear war is a thing of the past and that we will never experience anything so bad that we will all need bomb shelters.

So is Russia right or are we right?

Only time will tell.

For much more on what Russia may be thinking, check out Through the Eyes of the Enemy by Stanislav Lunev.  Lunev was a high ranking Soviet military intelligence agent who defected to the United States in March 1992 after a highly-decorated career.  As the highest-ranking military defector to the U.S., he is in a unique position to detail what the "end of the Cold War" really means.

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