20 Signs That The U.K. Has Become The Most Oppressive Big Brother Society On Earth

Monday, November 30, 2009 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

When George Orwell wrote 1984, he probably never imagined that society would actually become that oppressive. Yet in some nations of the world it has. In fact, in nations such as the U.K., "Big Brother" controls have now been implemented that are so bizarre that Orwell could not have possibly envisioned them during the time in which he lived. The truth is that the U.K. has become a society run by elitist control freaks. The most intimate and personal details of the lives of millions of people in the U.K. are tightly monitored and controlled by a ruthless technocracy that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago. The following are 20 signs that the U.K. has now become the most oppressive Big Brother society on earth.....

#1) The U.K. has more surveillance cameras per citizen than anywhere else in the world. In fact, according to one estimate, there are 4.8 million video cameras constantly watching every move citizens make.

#2) Government education inspectors in the U.K. have announced that the 40,000 parents who homeschool their own children must undergo criminal records checks.

#3) U.K. authorities are now admitting that every phone call, text message, email and website visit made by private citizens will be stored for one year and will be available for monitoring by government agencies.

#4) Officials in the U.K. have spent two years and massive amounts of money on a study they claim proves that 10-pin bowling is a health and safety hazard and should be banned.

#5) Parents at one school in the U.K. are being forced to undergo background checks to prove that they are not pedophiles before they are allowed to accompany their children to school Christmas carol events.

#6) A U.K. Parliamentary briefing note published in November 2009 maintains that the U.K. government has the power to impose nationwide mandatory swine flu vaccinations under the Civil Contingencies Act of 2004.

#7) Thousands of "dysfunctional" families in the U.K. are being subjected to intensive 24-hour surveillance to make sure that their children attend school, go to bed on time and eat proper meals. About 2,000 families have already gone through these "Family Intervention Projects", and the U.K. government plans to increase the scope of this program to 20,000 more families over the next two years.

#8) A controversial new proposal in the U.K. would force political parties to make Parliament less white, male, middle-class and heterosexual.

#9) The U.K.'s new Internet law includes a "three strikes" rule that allows your entire family to be cut off from the Internet if anyone who lives in your house is accused of copyright infringement - without proof or evidence or trial.

#10) The U.K. government's obsession with collecting personal data has now extended to 5 year olds, as local Community Health Services are preparing to get parents to reveal the most intimate details of their child’s personal, behavioral and eating habits.

#11) The U.K. government is going to make sure that their citizens are "environmentally friendly" whether they like it or not. Under a new government plan, energy experts in the U.K. are going to visit every home in the country in order to "help them go green". As part of "The Great British Refurb", teams of "energy advisers" will go "house by house, street by street" to tell people what they must do in order to become eco-friendly.

#12) The U.K. has become absolutely obsessed with garbage, with huge fines imposed on those who do not dispose of their trash in the prescribed manner.

#13) The head of the Environment Agency in the U.K. believes that implementing individual carbon allowances for each citizen will be the most effective way of meeting the targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

#14) In an almost inconceivable move, personal checks are to be abolished under controversial plans being drawn up by U.K. bankers.

#15) It is now illegal to photograph the police in the U.K.

#16) In the U.K., the study of evolution is to become a compulsory subject in all state primary schools.

#17) The U.K. government is being forced by the European Commission to eliminate exemptions that allow churches to refuse to employ homosexual staff.

#18) Parents in the U.K. are about to lose the right to withdraw their child from sex education classes when the child reaches 15 years of age.

#19) One mother in the U.K. was trailed by a policeman and formally warned by a local council for telling off her son at a checkout counter.

#20) The U.K. is in the process of implementing a "National Identity Card" which will be able to hold fifty different categories of information on each U.K. citizen, including digital facial scans, digital iris scans and up to 10 fingerprints.


  1. Derek said...

    Can anyone say we are now looking at the FOURTH REICH??? Papers Please!!!

  2. Lifewish said...

    Speaking as a Brit, I get very annoyed about most of this stuff. What's with the sodding CCTV cameras? There can't actually be anyone watching all of them, so what's the damn point?

    And don't get me started on ID cards. (Actually, the cards themselves are a red herring; the scary bit is the back-end database. Even if everyone with access was whiter than white, our govt does not have a good record with data security.)

    But I'm a bit curious why #16 is on the list. We have a National Curriculum over here, so the majority of course content in state schools comes from a central list. Whether this is a good thing is another issue, but it's understandable; it's a reaction to a generation of teachers who taught only what they thought was interesting, with the result that kids had incredibly patchy knowledge. And there *is* a private sector, so parents do have some semblance of choice.

    As science goes, evolutionary biology is pretty well established - it's at about the same level of verification as (let's say) quantum mechanics. So why shouldn't it be taught?

  3. Anonymous said...

    Wow, I love how you combine the government monitoring all your calls with them trying to make sure educators aren't criminals (you know, the way they do if the teacher is in an institution and not at home) and teaching them basic facts about the world. That's the way of The Future!

  4. overflow said...

    Have you seen orwell 1984? I mean the movie. It tells all about big brother and such. It's a must.

  5. Anonymous said...

    I think you're wrong.
    I think Europe may be EVEN MORE oppressive.
    The measures in Europe are more covert and the demographics are more pathololgical.
    You hardly hear people in Europe complain (or when they do complain they complain about other nations that the elite falsely tells them are even worse) because there are so little people left that actually have a little spirit.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Is there any surprise as to why this is happening? UK (& in fact the whole Western civilization) has been sold out a long time ago by the criminal "Royal Family" & the degenerate mass-murdering Antichrist kabal they front. Why do people put up with it? Because they have been systematically dumbed-down by the Luciferian puppets of Satan. And now, dumb & blind (& defenseless) they are lead like sheep to the slaughter.
    Holy mother of God, pray for us.

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