Has Nuclear War Now Become An Inevitable Part Of The Future Destiny Of Mankind?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

North Korea's recent nuclear test and Iran's nuclear ambitions are now causing many to wonder if we are now at the point where nuclear war has become inevitable.

Fortunately nuclear weapons have not been used in an open conflict since the end of World War II. Somehow humanity has gone over 60 years without using them. But now, as nukes get into more and more hands, are we now getting to the point where it is almost certain that somebody out there will use them?

After all, Korea is closer to war than at any point since the end of the Korean war.

North Korea’s official news agency has announced that Kim Jong Il's government will no longer abide by the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War. Now that the armistice has been done away with, many analysts are claiming that North Korea and South Korea are now technically in a state of war.

When you consider the fact that Kim Jong Il is completely insane, the reality is that anything is possible.

Russia knows what the score is over there. The Kremlin fears that the Korean conflict could quickly go nuclear.

As North Korea threatens to fire even more "test" missiles, the world is watching what Barack Obama will do. How will he respond to this threat?

What would he do if either North Korea or South Korea attacked?

Let's hope that we don't have to find out.

But Korea is not the only place where nuclear war may break out.

Iran is getting increasingly closer to be able to produce a nuclear weapon, and Israel seems determined not to let that happen.

Many thought that the U.S. would be the one to attack Iran, but now that seems quite unlikely, and it looks like Israel is ready to take action with or without the U.S.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is saying that if Israel does not eliminate the Iranian threat, no one will. Apparently he agrees with many analysts who are now realizing that Barack Obama plans to do absolutely nothing to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

So will Israel use their nuclear weapons to prevent Iran from producing their own?

Can Israel afford to let the crazed Islamic fundamentalists in Iran get nukes?

It is important to understand the mindset of these people.

For example, the Palestinians actually teach their children that no Jewish kingdom ever existed in the land of Israel, and that there never was a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


What's next? Will they teach their children that the sky is pink and that the moon is made out of green cheese?

The spread of nuclear weapons threatens all of humanity.

Pakistan and India both have nukes, and the world has been openly considering what the Taliban would do with nuclear weapons if they are able to overthrow Pakistan's government.

What IF nukes got into the hands of terrorists who really wanted to use them?

The truth is that humanity has been really fortunate up to this point that nukes have not been used.

But is our good fortune about to run out?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Balderdash. Preaching your short, ineffective comments to the uneducated masses won't work. Oh, three years and STILL no nuclear war? "Inevitable destiny" made it sound so urgent, so compelling...

    Why did I waste my time reading this?

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