You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If.....

Thursday, April 16, 2009 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

The recent Department of Homeland Security report on "right wing extremism" has created a firestorm of controversy across the United States.

Why is there such an uproar?

Why are so many people so upset about this?


Because it labels tens of millions of Americans as "potential domestic terrorists".

You can read a copy of this sickening report for yourself here:

Below is a list of 14 characteristics of a "domestic terrorist" that were pulled right out of the report.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, you might be a domestic terrorist if.....

*you are a U.S. military veteran returning from duty in Iraq or Afghanistan

*you believe in "end times" prophecies

*you believe in state or local authority

*you are against abortion

*you are against illegal immigration

*you believe in the 2nd Amendment

*you criticize any of the free trade agreements the U.S. has made

*you are against same-sex marriage

*you believe that an economic collapse is happening

*you think that the U.S. may declare martial law someday

*you believe that the U.S. is creating detention camps

*you stockpile food, ammunition or weapons

*you believe that illegal immigrants are taking away American jobs

*you believe "New World Order" conspiracy theories

Quite a few of those apply to me, so it looks like I have made the list.

What about you?

Has your own government just labeled you a domestic terrorist?


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