Nuclear Deal?

Thursday, April 02, 2009 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

On the eve of the G20 summit, Russia and America reached a groundbreaking agreement to dramatically reduce their nuclear stockpiles. In the past such an announcement would have made front page headlines around the world, but even though this agreement may not be getting a lot of notice in the media, it is nonetheless a turning point that has staggering implications for the national security of the United States.

Barack Obama and Russian President Medvedev issued a joint statement that promised a “fresh start” in relations between the two nations. The two leaders hope to be able to finalize a legally binding arms reduction treaty by the end of 2009.

So how far will the United States and Russia reduce their stockpiles under this nuclear deal? Well, White House officials are indicating that the number of nuclear warheads was likely to be reduced to no more than 1,500 each. That is an absolutely stunning reduction, considering the fact that the United States currently has about 5,500 nuclear warheads.

So should we all be rejoicing over this announcement of nuclear disarmament?

Does this nuclear deal bring world peace a lot closer?

No, in fact it dramatically increases the possibility that we will have a nuclear war.


The truth is that Russia and China are not "friends" of the United States. In fact, espionage activity by the Russians and Chinese has reached or exceeded Cold War levels. The strategic interests of the United States are directly opposed to the strategic interests of the Russians and the Chinese, and many Russian and Chinese military analysts believe that a future war with the United States is not only likely, but is probably inevitable.

But ONE thing has caused the Russians and the Chinese to rule out a war up until now.

The strategic nuclear arsenal of the United States.

But now Barack Obama wants to throw most of it in the dumpster.

Without their strategic nuclear arsenal, the United States would not be able to match the conventional military might of the Russians and the Chinese.

Many Russian and Chinese military analysts have envisioned a scenario where a devastating surprise first strike that takes out most of the U.S. nuclear arsenal followed up by a conventional invasion of the United States.

If the United States follows through with this nuclear deal and reduces their nuclear arsenal to 1,500 warheads, then such a scenario becomes possible.

The reality is that Russia is rapidly preparing for war.....

*Russia has launched an ambitious plan to rebuild and modernize their army by 2016.

*Russia has announced that they may base strategic bombers in Cuba. Bombers from Cuba can reach the United States in just a few minutes.

*Russia is deploying new nuclear cruise missiles on their strategic submarine fleet.

What most Americans do not understand is that the newest Russian nuclear submarines are more advanced than American nuclear submarines. The reality is that they are so silent that the U.S. military cannot track them. They can sneak all the way to just off our coastline and we would never know it. In fact, many analysts believe that if there is a Russian first strike someday, that this is exactly how they will do it.

But you know what? The vast majority of people who read this article will just brush it off. Most people believe that the "Cold War" is over and that Russia is no longer any threat to the United States at all.

Someday they will realize how very wrong they were.


  1. atelang said...

    although i value the commentary and point of view on this blog immensely, i can't help think that you have over-simplified this situation a little.

    first, americans and russians are sworn enemies who are making nice on camera. do you honestly think americans are going to reduce their stockpiles because of an 'agreement'? even the UN cannot force the US to do this, much less an agreement.

  2. Paul said...

    First of all, it would be impossible for either Russia or China to neutralize our nuclear capability. The majority of our nukes are on submarines and are safe from a first strike. Secondly, Russia and China mistrust each other far more than they mistrust the US. Third, China holds trillions of dollars of US debt. They are certainly not going to bite the hand that feeds.

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