11 Facts About The Bizarre $700 Million U.S. Embassy In Iraq

Thursday, February 12, 2009 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

The incredibly bizarre 700 million dollar U.S. embassy in Iraq is now open. At a time when many Americans believe that the United States will pull out of Iraq completely someday, the "largest embassy on earth" looms as a gigantic reminder to the Iraqi people of who really is in charge there.

The following are 11 strange but true facts about this very unusual "imperial fortress".....

#1) It stretches across 104 acres, which is about the size of 80 football fields.

#2) It is roughly the size of Vatican City.

#3) At $700 million dollars, it is the largest and most expensive embassy ever built.

#4) It contains 27 buildings where 1,200 staffers live and work.

#5) It is protected with bulletproof glass.

#6) It includes a gym, a swimming pool, a movie theater, stores, restaurants, schools, a fire station, and power and water treatment plants.

#7) It is known as "The Vatican on the Tigris" and as "George Bush's palace" and as "the Mega-Bunker of Baghdad".

#8) It is 10 times larger than any other U.S. embassy.

#9) It costs 1.2 billion dollars a year to operate.

#10) It is visible from space.

#11) It is the clearest and most obvious sign that the United States plans to never, ever, ever pull out of Iraq completely.


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