9 Really Good Reasons Why You Do NOT Want To Go To Law School

Friday, January 23, 2009 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

So you want to go to law school.

You probably think you have it ALL figured out, don't you? You probably think you have all the answers.

Well take a few minutes to listen to some advice from someone who has been there and done that.

The following are 9 really good reasons why you do not want to go to law school.....

#1) Law School Costs A Ton Of Money

Private law school tuition can easily run over 20,000 dollars per year. Even public law schools can be a ton of money when you factor in living expenses. Are you ready for that?

#2) You Will Probably Be In Debt Most Of The Rest Of Your Life

Unless you have wealthy parents to pay for law school, you will probably have to take out student loans. It may not seem like such a big thing to you now, but when you are paying those loans off for what seems like forever it will HURT.

#3) Most Law Students Hate Law School

Most of the students I went to law school with hated studying and hated law school. A lot of them just wanted a good job.

Fortunately I loved law school, but I was in the minority.

Are you sure you love the law?

#4) Most Lawyers Hate Their Jobs

The reality is that most lawyers hate their jobs. They work obscene hours, and the work of most lawyers is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

It is not like what you see on television folks.

#5) Lawyers Are Unhappy With Life

Did you know that lawyers have among the highest rates of suicide, depression, alcoholism and divorce of any profession?

Mmmmmmmm.....that sounds fun, doesn't it?

#6) People Hate Lawyers

Do you know why there are so many lawyer jokes?

Because people hate lawyers.

Are you sure you want to be one?

#7) There Are Too Many Lawyers And Too Few Jobs

I graduated from a very good law school in the top 15 percent of my class, and I couldn't even get an INTERVIEW for the kind of job I thought I really wanted.

There are not nearly enough good jobs for the gobs of lawyers that law schools are pumping out.

Oh, your law school admissions counselor neglected to tell you that?

That is because they were too busy drooling over your tuition money.

#8) Law School Is NOT A Good Place To Find A Mate

Some people go to law school because they want to marry a lawyer.

Bad idea.

Do you know what lawyers do?

They argue for a living.

Do you want to argue constantly with your mate for the rest of your life?

#9) The Dream Of "Big Money" Is Mostly A Fantasy

Unless you grind your life away at a big firm in a big city, you are likely to make less starting out than the plumber down the street.


So you still want to go to law school after all that?

Wow. Okay. Feel free to spend three years in overstuffed classrooms listening to pompous eggheads instructing hordes of junior "masters of the universe" who think they know it all and can't wait to tell you about it.

Spend your time, money and energy pursuing a degree that won't even guarantee you a decent interview when you graduate.

But at least you will have all of that debt.

Oh yummy.


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