Why Is The U.S. Military Preparing For Massive Civil Disorder?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

A new report from the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute says that the U.S. military must quickly prepare for massive civil unrest that could be precipitated by an “unforeseen economic collapse”.

The following is a quote from this stunning report: “DoD might be forced by circumstances to put its broad resources at the disposal of civil authorities to contain and reverse violent threats to domestic tranquility. Under the most extreme circumstances, this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States."

This comes on the heels of a recent report that the Department of Defense plans to deploy 20,000 uniformed troops for operations inside the United States by 2011.

The purpose of the 130 year old Posse Comitatus Act was to prevent the military from being used in domestic law enforcement.

But who cares about the law anymore, eh?

But apparently 20,000 uniformed soldiers will not be enough to control Americans. Barack Obama is calling for a "civilian national security force" that is as strong and is as well funded as the U.S. military. Just check out this short video clip:

Now there is news that Homeland Security plans to start monitoring blogs and message boards all over the United States for any signs of suspicious activity.

Does that include criticizing the government?

But even with all of these measures there are some in the government who think that even more military resources will be required to prevent civil unrest.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has ordered defense officials to do a full review to determine whether the U.S. military could respond adequately to a domestic crisis.

We have never had civil disorder of the magnitude that these authorities are speculating about in the history of the United States.

Do these officials know something that we don't?

Are things going to get even worse in the years ahead for our economy and our nation?


  1. thelastlemming said...
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  2. Devo said...

    Wow, America doesn't trust it's own civilians.

    For crying out loud, not being #1 is not the end of the world. There are hundreds of countries who have it harder economically, and most are not in complete civil unrest.

    Instead of making American's feel like we are about to be shot on the spot by a new age Gestapo, we should use the money for something more important like the economy.

  3. irve said...

    the fed is outputting dollars faster than ever, as I have understood. it will collapse someday...

  4. DJPR said...

    This is not a "secret DoD" report. It is a publicly available monograph (like a thesis paper) about understanding the need to examine "wild card" scenarios. Go through the college's monograph library - there literally a shit ton of these papers, which are not any offical DoD reports or positions.

    The "troop deployment" issue is entirely separate from this guy's monograph.

    Also, major civil disturbances in the US? Um, how about during the Civil War? Mass riots erupted in the *North* among those who didnt want to be sent off to fight in the South. Alot of people didnt care about the South and was wondering why Lincoln was forcing people to die in a costly war.

    So please double check your sources. Dont rely on Newsmax, check the original source of the paper.

    And dont conflate a random monograph (one of thousands you can find on military websites) with the serious debate on troop deployment for the Northern Command.

  5. Kyle said...

    There is plenty of precedent for a "civilian security force" its been use plenty in the past, Its called Local and state militia's and it for this reason we have the Second Amendment to the Constitution, The right to bear arms.

    This was not created as support for the government this was created as a check on the government.

    So the citizens can have some recourse if there government gets completely out of hand, like, say now for instance.

  6. Geeyore said...

    The above article is disingenuous hokum.

    As DJPR says, this is an academic thesis of about 44 pages and less than one of those pages discusses the remote but possible occurence of domestic violence in the future, and how DoD might be called upon to respond to it, if at all.

    It's about anticipating unexpected events on the horizon.

    DJPR has it all covered in his comments above so I won't say much more.

    Details about the paper which is freely downloadable are:

    Known Unknowns: Unconventional "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Development


  7. Bryan said...

    People need to understand how the military works. We plan and train for events that usually have little of ever happening but if it did happen, would cause significant damage. It's the military's job to be prepared for a crisis, no matter how remote the possibility is. It's the core of what makes every military in the world. Otherwise, no military would ever train for war, they would just wait until a war started before they started training.

  8. 冯远征 said...

    The quote from Obama is out of context... he was referring to the Peace Corps...


  9. eggplanteer said...

    Shame on Jabberwonk for carrying this right-wing hokum. Obama was referring to civilian Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Vista and other volunteer groups. This clip is out of context.

  10. Robert Seaton said...

    "We have never had civil disorder of the magnitude that these authorities are speculating about in the history of the United States."

    What about the Revolutionary War, or the Civil War? Just saying.

  11. kyle said...

    "we have never had this kind of civil unrest in our history"

    this statement is completely false, THE CIVIL WAR
    what a fool for saying such an ignorant thing

    how about WWII when we put japanese people in camps

    or how about the great depression where everything was caos

    how bout katrina, with people looting and cold blooded murders happening all the time

    keep in mind that i'm very liberal, but please don't start with that conspiracy crap, just relax

  12. dave said...

    this is just stupid, irresponsible, and paranoid. Give me a break. Conspiracies like this are just ridiculous. The Sky is Falling! It's the End of the World! jeez - you must really be miserable.

  13. rexacrouch said...

    This is the dumbest opinion piece I have ever seen. It links to the Washington Post but the Post does not say the same thing - thus you fabricated the entire entry. For you, whoever wrote this tripe. I want you to know you a are a worthless dirtbag piece of shit fear monger.

  14. Thomas Paine said...

    Why would you trust anything sourced from NewsMax?

  15. Radical said...

    Sometimes the national guard does legitimately need to be called in to maintain order. Remember Rodney King?

    I'm not saying that this is a good thing, but the last thing we would need if there was a massive economic collapse is disorder in the streets.

  16. Rev. Sue Owen said...

    Obama is plainly not talking about creating a _new_ domestic security force. He's calling for us to pay as much attention to funding, equipping and training already-established police and national guard units with the same (or greater) support that we give to the DoD.

  17. trey said...

    It's called socialism...He is just making a defense force that is strong enough to control the citizens of the United States...

  18. Liberty said...

    Well think about it. It's not a conspiracy. It's a well executed plan. This fiat currency is towards the end and they know it. The Bailout bill gave complete control to the fed aka private international banks. They can print and spend all the money they want. 700 billion is nothing they believe it's somewhere around 10 trillion. The senate just tried to sue the fed to see where 2 trillion of the money has gone(over 700billion) and bernanke said "In the bailout bill we don't have to tell you." and that was the end of that. It's coming for sure open your eyes. Do a little more of your own research and a little more detective thinking and you to can foresee the future. Wake up people they know what's going to happen and there's an agenda behind it all. Unplug you head from cnn and fox news and think for yourself. Please all our live depend on it!!!!!!

  19. dave said...

    Liberty said: "It's coming for sure open your eyes."

    You may be right. And, perhaps the reason the military required that the Interstate Highway System be built with roads as wide as they are is to be able to transport their largest equipment parcels to wherever needed.

    I hope your wrong though.

  20. Rob said...

    And you thought Obama was going to be different. Wake up and smell the coffee folks. He is just the other side of the same coin, a lackey for rich and corporate interests. They pounded you with Bush and used him to take away your rights and now they "rescue" you with Obama and take away more of your rights under the guise of "Hope" and "Change". From the days your "forefathers" stole this land from the natives (like all of North America). It's been a rich white boys clubs, and nothing else. They are just consolidating their power so they don't have to hide it anymore. Expect legalized slavery in the next 10-15 years probably through some sort of Debtors prison scheme

  21. Jimmy Ruska said...

    The dollar will go down to hell, gas prices will continue to go up, and great lulz will be had.

  22. Worg said...

    Seems reasonable, but unfortunately one of their other blogs is called "evidence for christianity." That instantly destroys any credibility they might otherwise have with me.

  23. Philabong said...

    The U.S. government is a total separate entity of the people that make up this wonderful country " They run the government like a corporation - Except on a international level", The government does not care about you. The only thing that interests them is pushing there agenda like merging Candida and Mexico with the united states. Its so bad down here in Florida even the Mexicans are leaving

  24. Rivkah said...

    Remember the song,"Wake up Little Suzy, Wake Up"? Well a little different twist here. Ya all need to wake up!! I am apalled at the apathy and how asleep you all are to the truth. Damn it can I come slap you awake!!

  25. collegekid said...

    Holy Frickin Crap!!!

    Does America not see what is going on around them...look at any other country that did the same thing Obama is doing right now...tons of frickin promises that he may not be able to keep, and the government getting more involved in everything, and now this?

    More "troops" on our own land? Sure, because the economy is struggling...look at every other major political leader that became a tyrant...what was going on in that country at the time? Economic crisis! And more troops to "help" with it...please!

    I think we are giving away way too much freedom

  26. Anthony said...

    I side with former military folks (as I was myself) the US does plan for every conceivable and unconcevieble thing possible, you want this btw. I would rather them plan than take a WAG, we have seen that and how it does not work. The part that bothers me is the monitoring of boards and the like, I don't want some 40,000 dollar a year phuktard making a crass decision to have some other phuktard that makes 43,000 with 3 years of police trade school launching another Waco on a whim. That is what should be having folks writing there elected fools, vote them out if they don't, they work for you, and we need to remind them of that before we take up armed rebellion. Of course, as posted that is the 2nd amendments real meaning.

  27. Anonymous said...

    The overall challenge we are facing is the entire planet being forced...Yes 'FORCED' into a One World Government....typically coined a "New World Order". This planned effort by the Powers That Be (PTB) is shaking up countries, economies and people. This new form of planetary governance is is not going to be accepted well once fully implemented. And the PTB knows this. That is why they are doing it with subtle movements. PROBLEM/REACTION/SOLUTION protocol. They inject problems into society via covert ops scenarios...The public reacts to the result....and then demands, or supports, (even by complacency) new laws that whittle away our liberties. All to move us to compliance with the laws and rights created under the New World Order regime. Thi is all happening under our noses. Right before our eyes. And most of humanity can't even see this. Including most politicians, military personnel, state and federal employees and of course most of humanity. The wars in the middle east are not happening because of tyrants there. They are forced takeovers as part of the plan for global dominance. The president is a puppet, you've all heard this before, and answers ONLY to his masters. They are the PTB. Another issue we ALL face, yes the PTB included, and they are monitoring this with eagle eye precision, is naturally occurring, tectonic and volcanic activity happening inside our planet. They are preparing for this as well. And its serious. A massive natural disaster would cause major civil unrest. Millions in fear. Absolute chaos. We are living in a new time and experience for humanity. But all this is nothing new to us. Its just on a much grander scale. So, sit back and enjoy the ride...oh, don't forget your seatbelts!! Gonna get bumpy!!

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