Obama's Cabinet Full Of CFR, Trilateral Commission And Bilderberg Members

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Just like President George W. Bush's cabinet, Barack Obama's cabinet is going to be brimming with politicians affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group.

AmericanFreePress is reporting on the extraordinary ties that members of his new cabinet have to these elitist globalist organizations that have dominated American politics for generations now.

The reality is that no President in the past 30 years has picked a cabinet that was not completely dominated by members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group.

Of Barack Obama's 14 top cabinet selections, 9 of them are affiliated with the Bilderberg group, 10 of them are affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations and 5 of them are affiliated with the Trilateral Commission according to AmericanFreePress.

But the reality is that the majority of the American people do not even know that these globalist organizations exist, or that they work to actively promote the interests of the international bankers who own the privately controlled Federal Reserve.

The American people voted for change, but the incoming government is going to be from the same organizations that the Bush government was from, and the policies that the Obama administration will be implementing will look very much like the policies that were implemented under Bush.

If the American people wanted change then they will be extremely disappointed by the next 4 years.

When will the American people finally wake up?

For those of you who are not familiar with these globalist organizations, we would suggest that you read The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin. When you realize how much control these groups truly have over American politics, you just might be shocked enough to wake up and start demanding change.


  1. Oddity said...

    Nothing but truth. If you have a couple gangs on the street and lock them up in prison those gangs form under one organization. On the outside of prison a lot of the gangs have problems with each other but inside they are all one unit. That is how i see the cfr, bilderberg and trilaterals. THey are al working for the good of the gang.

  2. Bill said...

    You have never obviously served a minute in prison. Gangs exists in prison and they are not all united. I understand the analogy that you are trying to make the you need to pick a different approach. Obama may belong to these organizations and some of his cabinet members may also but the Constitution was written and ratified by Congress for the people and by the people. It does not matter who is in office if we all band together and scream loudly that something is wrong with these corporations that have been bailed out by tax payers and then they turn around and give out unearned and illegal bonuses to their executives for bankrupting their institutions. This can't not be allowed to go on unpunished and at least President Obama is doing something about it. Keep up the good work Mr President. I'm behind you all the way. Go after these crooks. You can also help Americans by bringing back the manufacturing jobs to America. Let's build more manufacturing plants here in America and start investing in solving our energy needs by researching and developing bio fuel plants and windmill or solar power plants. Also we need to kick out those who do not want to assimilate to our way of life. If they do not like America's customs, courtesy's, and culture...basically our way of life then they can leave now. I'm am so tired of watching from the sidelines our way of life just crumbling. What happened to America people. We need to stop all these illegal immigrants from entering our country and taking from our social security system when the government knows that this system is broke and everyday an illegal immigrant joins the many who are receiving benefits from this program and have never paid a penny towards it. How is this fair to Americans who have worked their whole lives only to see their only retirement plan dwindle to nothing because our government leaders let it happen. Why do we spend billions of dollars to house these criminals who rape, murder, and rob us blind.....

  3. Oddity said...

    I was trying to make a point about gangs in prison without breaking any rules and revealing too much information about the politics of their system. Obviously I know the code. Look I think you make some good points and in my heart I hope you are right about Obama but I personally think President Obama will not do shit about it. He may throw a couple minions for these banks under the bus but do you think any Rockefeller's, Rothschild's or any other elite family that runs the banks will receive any type of punishment.. Nah. This fool is another puppet. And if we make it to another election Obama will be the fall guy and than a republican will come in and so on and so forth, all the while the elite shadow masters are getting more power and more money. But if we do stand united and we do speak the truth and defend freedom than we will be free.

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