Goodbye 2008! - The Top 20 "Bad News" Stories Of 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Who would have ever guessed that there would be so much bad news in 2008?

What follows are 20 of the top "bad news" stories from this past year.....

#20) The United States Military Continued To Be Bogged Down In Costly Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan

#19) Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Was Convicted Of Corruption Charges

#18) 400 Children Were Seized From A Polygamous Religious Sect In Texas After The Authorities Received Claims That Sexual Abuse Was Taking Place

#17) Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards Admitted To Cheating On His Wife

#16) A WalMart Employee Was Trampled To Death By Psychotic American Consumers

#15) The "Santa Slayer" Opened Fire And Killed Nine People At A Christmas Party In California

#14) New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's Involvement With A Prostitute Was Exposed

#13) Massive Post Election Riots Exploded In Kenya That Resulted In The Burning Of Churches And The Deaths Of Large Numbers Of People

#12) Over 2000 California Wildfires Burned Approximately 1.4 Million Acres In 2008

#11) The Environment Continued To Be Destroyed As The Governments Of The World Did Next To Nothing About It

#10) The Terrorist Attacks In Mumbai That Almost Resulted In A War Between India And Pakistan

#9) The Midwestern Section Of The United States Was Absolutely Devastated By Massive Flooding

#8) Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Was Arrested On December 9th And Charged With Conspiring To Sell President-Elect Barack Obama's Senate Seat

#7) An Incredibly Powerful Earthquake Killed Thousands In Sichuan Province, China

#6) The National Debt Of The United States Government Exploded Past 10 Trillion Dollars

#5) One Out Of Every Four Teen Girls In The United States Now Has A Sexually Transmitted Disease

#4) Russia And Georgia Went To War Over South Ossetia And Abkhazia

#3) The Israel/Hamas Conflict That Threatened To Engulf The Entire Middle East In A Bloody War

#2) Approximately 1 Billion People In The World Continued To Go To Bed Hungry Each And Every Night

#1) The Beginning Of The Next Great Depression - Stock Markets Around The World Collapsed, Millions Of People Lost Their Jobs, Housing Values Continued To Plummet And A Large Number Of Prominent Financial Institutions Completely Failed

Other than all of that, it was a great year!

We'll see you all in 2009!


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