Ron Paul Was Right

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Our economy is totally collapsing, 19 major banks have failed, General Motors is on the verge of bankruptcy, the U.S. government is running up a record budget deficit, our borders are wide open, hatred for the United States is at an all-time high around the world and our individual liberties have been eroded as never before.

It looks like Ron Paul was right after all.

1) Ron Paul said that if we continued to run our economy on runaway government spending, endless amounts of debt and the insanity of letting the Federal Reserve control our currency then eventually the United States economy would crash.

Did that not happen?

But neither party is seeking to end this orgy of debt. Instead both parties pushed the "Wall Street bailout" and both parties want to spend even more money.

2) Ron Paul said that the United States cannot police the world. If we bomb countries, invade countries and torture everyone in sight then people around the world are going to hate America.

Did that not happen?

But neither party is seeking to end the wars. Instead Obama is promising to keep troops in Iraq for at least 18 more months, and he is promising to send a lot more troops to Afghanistan and he has talked about how we may need to send troops into Pakistan and Sudan.

3) Ron Paul said that if we passed the "Patriot Act" and these other fascist police state pieces of legislation that we would lose our individual liberties.

Did that not happen?

But neither party is taking any action to repeal the Patriot Act.

"The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is."

-Ronald Reagan (1975)

When will people start listening to Ron Paul?

Ron Paul recently appeared on FOX News with Neil Cavuto to discuss the latest bailout package.

The following are a few key quotes from that interview:

"When companies get too big and make mistakes they should fail."

"We’re propping up all the bad mistakes."

"Governments can’t make the correct decisions. They aren’t smart enough."

"This whole idea that Washington are genuises… that they can do central economic planning. In this country we don’t call it socialism we call it interventionism and a planned economy."

Below is the video of that interview:

But is anyone listening?


Obama and his advisors seem determined to take us even further down the road of big government, big spending, bailouts and socialism.

So is there any hope for the future?

What we could really use is a reformed Republican Party led by Ron Paul that would embrace a platform of smaller government, less taxation, abolishing the Federal Reserve, returning our individual freedoms and liberties and protecting our nation's borders and sovereignty.

Do things have to get even worse before America will listen to Ron Paul?

Posted below is an excerpt from Congressman Ron Paul's latest "weekly straight talk":

"We will face more tough economic problems during this new administration. In fact, the worst is yet to come. A vast amount of problematic mortgages have not begun to reset their variable interest rates and go into default. We already have unprecedented deficits, spending is out of control, and more big industries are coming to government with their hands out. My hope is that this administration will handle this economic crisis better than the interventionists and big government spenders of the 1930’s, the bureaucrats that prolonged the Depression. I hope that new government programs and spiderwebs of red tape do not pop up to interfere with American productivity, and that we can quickly get our financial footing again. We have to understand that an economic correction needs to take place and the only way out of the coming recession is to go through it. Efforts to avoid it can only prolong it. I hope we can somehow find our way back to sound money and reject corporate cronyism".

If the American people will just wake up then perhaps the movement that Ron Paul has begun can give us hope for the future:


  1. gooogleable said...

    Ron Paul was and is right about a lot of things, but not about downsizing government. It won't happen in the real life that is the Western World. There's virtually no Western country (or Asian, African etc,) that has downsized. What's more, Reagan and the bushes all exploded it, at least Clinton and Carter restrained themselves.

    This basic conservative idea that governments are intrinsically stupid is .... just dumb.
    Sure, they aren't geniuses, but then, who is? The invisible hand of the market has turned out to be just a gimmick to let the upper class of business owners do what they wanted. What's worse, it has produced a disaster on a global scale. From Chinese factory workers to elderly Europeans who saw their savings vaporize, they all suffered and suffer under the childish, ideological tantrums of Bush and the majority of Americans that elected him twice. The world economy is in shambles, thanks to a "no oversight" philosophy.
    Smaller govt leads unavoidably to less oversight, and we've all seen what that does: nothing good.

    Governments may not be geniuses, but they will attract smart people. Their motivations to work in government are very complex and different for everybody, but queer as folks, they want to work where they are appreciated and get a not-bad salary.

    Governments provide a stable environment to work as well as a feeling that one is doing something unselfishly, for the greater good.

    When there's a crisis or trouble people always look for leadership. Be it a democracy or a kingdom or a dictatorship, people need leadership.

    Since it's intrinsically govt task to look out for everyone, not just their shareholders or their workers, like a company, AND because we've hold the govt ACCOUNTABLE for everyone, it's best to leave governing to the government.

    Sure, some parts of govt could be more efficient. But the funny thing is, conservatives, be it the Ron Pauls or the Sarah Palins, NEVER want to cut there where there's the most waste:
    I really don't get why our teachers, nurses and roads, policemen have to suffer to get the latest not-functioning military hardware.
    One Tomahawk: 10 MILLION DOLLARS!
    We threw 1400 of those on Baghdad, do you know how many teachers, nurses and roads & bridges we could've had for that kinda cash!?!?
    Look up halliburton videos on utube


  2. mike120170 said...

    gooogleable...I suggest you research Dr. Paul a little more. One of his main talking points is cutting military spending. He is for a strong national defense, but we can cut military spending and have strong defense by bringing our troops home and quit policing the world.

    Your market comment is off base as well. The market would not have allowed this to reach the scale it has. It was government intervention in the market that caused this economic risis.

    As far as oversight, wasn't the SEC responsible for allowing Madoff's Ponzi scheme?

    Larger government leads to too much intervention. We see what that does: nothing good.

    If you believe the last 8 years is soly responsible for this crisis, you need to do more research. Be it a Democrat or Republican in office, our monetary policies don't change. This has been decades in the making.

    Government is inefficient and a burden on the economy. The less government the better. No government isn't the answer, but a Constitutional size government just may be.

    I will agree that most in government aren't stupid, but central planning is. It does not work.

  3. gooogleable said...

    Be it the SEC or the ECB, yes they did f-up on the oversight, big time. They all got swayed or persuaded by the ever rising markets and that everybody was making money. But how come? Because reagan ridiculed the govt, he instilled this culture of hating the govt.

    And I'm arguing against that basic Reaganistic principle that all govt is bad, which is the main repub rallying point, and it has been since reagan. This is insane for two reasons:
    1. if repubs hate govt, why do they seek office then? Because their ultimate goal is to bankrupt it, so companies can take over, privatize everything? This is not entirely a conspiracy theory, see the privatizing of the prison system, which banks heavily on repression, instead of rehab, which makes repeat offending that much more likely.
    2. If the repubs hate govt, why did they grow it so much? And why do their voter STILL cheer increased military spending?

    arguing against central planning is a strawman, this is not what Obama wants. Obama would be, by the worlds standards, a moderate rightwinger.

    Aside from that, a teeensy weeeeeensy little more guidance and yes, OVERSIGHT would benefit the country greatly.

    Also, think about this: There has never been a country that has downsized their government, when they could choose about it. no democracy has ever done it. Not even the oligarchy that was the bush regime has done it.

  4. Anonymous said...

    great post!

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